Year-round gift wrapping

Year-round Wrapping

Resourceful ideas for making any gift truly personal, for any occasion

Everyday gift wrapping

Why wrap?

  • We spoke with Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.– an international stationery and lifestyle brand – about the importance of wrapping gifts, as opposed to just dropping them into a store-bought gift bag. 'A gift doesn’t have to come in any specific way, but it does seem like a wrapped one is special,' says Anna. 'I’ve always appreciated the extra time and effort that goes into wrapping a gift by hand.'

  • In addition to tactile papers with strong patterns, Anna has some tips for putting that final flourish on your wrapped gift. 'I love beautiful ribbon, especially cottons and velvets. I also love adding a gift tag – one time, when I ran out of tags, I cut the recipient’s initials out of extra paper, and it was the perfect creative solution. Sometimes, I’ll also add a unique element, like a sprig of rosemary or lavender tucked under the bow.'

Gift wrapping trends

Gift Wrapping Trends

  • When it comes to trends in wrapping, Anna says that making gifts meaningful is on the rise – and that gift wrapping doesn’t need to be limited to the typical holidays. 'There are so many wonderful designs out there, but I think personalisation is the trend in wrapping and paper,' she says. 'Our paper is suited for many occasions, from birthdays to

  • holiday to wedding showers. I personally love to use patterns in unique ways, such as taking an everyday floral wrapping paper and making it work for the holidays by adding gold glitter ribbon and other festive elements. It makes the presentation feel unique and unexpected.'

Special occasion toppers

Occasion toppers

  • Try giving your gift a unique accent by using Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape to add an unexpectedly delightful topper

    1.  Make it fresh with a freshly cut stalk of herbs, or a flower from your garden. Natural elements contrast beautifully with the hard lines of a wrapped box.

  • 2. Make it fun with sticks of rock candy, or other decorative edibles – everyone loves a treat. It’s a simple and sweet way to show you care.

    3. Make it personal with a photo of a shared moment. Presents are always welcome – but our most treasured gift is the time we spend with people we love.

Resourceful gift wrapping

Be Resourceful

  • By thinking a bit outside the box, you can find all sorts of ways to make your gift unique that are already right at your fingertips. Whether it’s creating your own wrapping paper by using a tape roll to make prints, or decorating your gift with found objects from around the home,

  • your creative touch will turn your gift into something more than just a present – it will become a personal, beautiful expression that could only come from you.

  • DIY Wrapping Paper

    Painting with tape rolls

    This project is a fun, easy way to make wrapping paper that’s truly your own – for kids and adults. Start with brown craft paper, and use an empty roll of Scotch® Magic™ Tape as a printmaker – simply dip the side of the tape roll into a small container of white paint, and press the roll onto your paper. Make any pattern you want – any way you paint it, you’re being resourceful, and creating something beautiful and unique.

Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape is the perfect pairing for your wrapping paper – find the color or pattern that you love best, and add a colorful touch to your wrapped gift. The effort and thought is always what counts most.

About Rifle Paper Co.

  • Anna Bond – Rifle Paper Co

    Anna Bond, Co-founder and CCO

    Anna Bond is co-founder and CCO at Rifle Paper Co., an international stationery and lifestyle brand based in Winter Park, Florida. Originally from New Jersey, Anna moved to Florida in 2006 where she served as Art Director before pursuing her passion through the founding of Rifle Paper Co. in 2009 with her husband Nathan. In her role as CCO Anna oversees the creative direction of the brand and is the principle illustrator behind Rifle Paper Co.’s collection of more than 600 products. Beyond Rifle Paper Co., Anna has illustrated for clients such as Mad Men, InStyle and The Wall Street Journal. She was also honoured as an ADC Young Gun.

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