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Gift Wrapping Basics

Gift Wrapping Basics

A master class in the fundamentals of wrapping gifts, from choosing a tape to setting up your own gift wrap station at home.

Scotch® Transparent and GiftWrap Tape


Gift Wrapping 101: Transparent vs. Gift Wrapping Tape

  • Not all tapes are alike. Gift wrapping is a project where the tape will most likely be visible and aesthetics are key. That’s why it’s important to know what tools you’re working with and how they’ll affect the appearance of the end product. Scotch® Transparent Tape is durable, easy to cut and handle. It looks clear on the roll with a glossy finish and will stand out on wrapping paper. 

  • Scotch® GiftWrap Tape is designed with a unique satin finish that blends in almost completely on shiny or glossy finish wrapping papers. Scotch® GiftWrap Tape will hold firm and be virtually impossible to detect on packages for a nearly flawless finish. The rule of thumb is: Scotch® Transparent Tape for glossy, Scotch® GiftWrap Tape for blending in.

    Learn more about our clear tapes.


  • Double Sided Tape

    Expert Tip

    If you don’t want to see even a trace of tape on your finished gifts, Scotch® Double Sided Tape is the way to go. It has adhesive on both sides so you can pull the edge of the wrapping paper over the tape, covering it completely. You may want to consider double sided tape if you are using thicker wrap, like handmade or artisan paper or packaging paper, or thinner paper like tissue that can push or pull against a strip of tape, disrupting the perfect line of the paper’s edge.

Wrapping Odd Shaped Gifts – Steps 1 and 2


Wrapping Odd-Shaped Gifts

  • Step 1

    Measure the item first to make sure you’ll have enough paper.

  • Step 2

    Carefully fold paper to accommodate awkward angles without stressing the wrapping paper.

Wrapping Odd Shaped Gifts – Steps 3 and 4


  • Step 3

    Use strips of cardboard, cushion wrap or cloth on sharp points to prevent paper tears.

  • Step 4

    Once you’re ready to tape, trim off excess paper to contour the gift.

  • Wrapping Small Gifts

    Sometimes it’s not the shape of the gift that’s tricky, but the size. Check out some invaluable advice on wrapping particularly small items from our friends at Brit + Co.

  • Ways to Wrap Odd-Shaped Objects

    When wrapping irregular shapes, deviating from the usual gift wrapping techniques is all it takes. Oh Joy! shares three simple solutions to wrapping oddly shaped items.

How to Set Up Your Own Gift Wrap Station


How to Set Up Your Own Gift Wrap Station

  • Make holiday wrapping more efficient, or prepare yourself to wrap year round. Now that you’ve mastered the art of basic gift wrapping, consider setting up your own gift wrap station. Wrapping is always easier when you have everything you need organized in one space.

  • If you already have a craft space, it can easily become a wrapping station as well with some simple modifications like weighted rollers for wrapping paper, multi-tape dispensers and storage for add-ons like bows and ribbons. Check out this Brit + Co page for more ideas about wrapping stations, and gift wrapping in general.

Products Used

Scotch® Decorative Tape is a creative substitute for ribbon on gifts. It comes in over 200 patterns and colors, in 9 different varieties of tape.

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